Georgian and Regional News and Information: Sponsored by the government, but comprehensive.

Chai Khana Investigative journalism into social topics from Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan

Civil Georgia My favorite of the English-language Georgian newspapers. Georgian news through (beautifully designed) infographics

Open Caucasus Media: Chai Khana’s news wing; doing investigative journalism

TBLPOD A fantastic compilation of Georgian news in podcast form (and they’re funny!)

Ex-Pat Life in the Region:

Jim Holroyd 365 Travel, book reviews, and miniature cars in Tbilisi

Sailing to Byzantium The place to go for a literary take on ex-pat life in Georgia–particularly great for restaurant reviews and travel advice.

tcjbritishvili Tim has usually got an unusual but intelligent perspective on what’s going on in Georgia.

Projects, Groups and Ideas in Tbilisi/Georgia:

Kiwi Cafe: a vegan, co-operative community cafe; complete with free bookshelves and cat

Language Exchange Club Tbilisi Need to practice your Georgian or Russian or English or Italian or….  Find meetings here.

Radarami: A local NGO translating interesting non-fiction books into Georgian to get Georgians more involved in international conversations on global issues.

Tbilisi English Book Swap Monthly meetings to talk about books, reading, and being a nerd.

Local Causes (looking for donations, of course)

Animal Shelter in Rustavi

Challenging Positive Attitudes Towards Stalin

Installing Bike Racks at Ilia State University

Library in the Public School in Okrokhana

Medical Equipment for Kids with Leukemia

Friends’ Businesses

Bubblestack Hydroponics 

SoftGen software

Online Shopping (see my shopping post, as well)
USA2Georgia: parcel delivery service; gives you a US shipping address, then transfers the packages to Georgia, where you can pick them up for a reasonable fee
eBates: click through for cash back on online shopping, and a list of coupon codes
thredUP: online second-hand that has been checked for quality