I’ve mentioned it before, Georgian has this great word “zeg”, meaning the day after tomorrow. It’s cute; it’s convenient; we need it in English. It seems that other people are finally starting to agree with me! Join me in using zeg in English!

This vlog from 2013 (we’re a little behind) has recently been making the rounds of the Georgian internet (slow news week, I guess), as the list of “14 Words the English Language Needs” includes two Georgian words:

You can watch an edited down version of the video that just contains the discussion of the Georgian words here (text Georgian, but video English)

Shemomadjamo has gotten lots of mentions on similar lists, but it’s usually wrong (it should be shemomedjamA შემომეჭამა) and the pronunciation is usually off. I also don’t actually find it such a useful word in reality. Zeg (ზეგ) however, doesn’t get nearly as much listicle love, and it’s infinitely useful.

Anyone care to join me zeg for a meeting of the Zeg Appreciation Society?