It’s starting to cool off here in Sakartvelo.  For me, the first sign that summer was ending was that the dog chose to curl up on the carpet rather than the linoleum.  I’ve caught a whiff of dry leaves on some of my walks through the city, and the weather is no longer so unpleasant.  With fall comes the start of my next semester teaching. Fall also means election season, both in Georgia and in America.

Georgia will hold parliamentary elections on October 1, and America’s presidential elections are on November 6.  For Americans abroad, both of these are important to know about now–be aware of the Georgian elections and make sure you’re on top of the situation in your community.  If you plan to vote in the American elections from abroad, it’s time to start getting your absentee ballot in order, particularly if you plan to rely on the Georgian Post.  The U.S. State Department (including Embassy Tbilisi) has information on voting from abroad at the Federal Voting Assistance Program website, and your state’s Secretary of State’s website can provide any details particular to your state.  There are also many websites, both non-partisan and sponsored by the political parties, providing information on registration, absentee ballots, and timelines.  Just googling “absentee ballot” or “voting abroad” will give you plenty of information.  If you’ve read this post, you no longer have the excuse of “I forgot” if you don’t vote in 2012.