Look what I found!

Barambo Dark Chocolate with Chilli
(Made in Georgia)

It’s Barambo (a Georgian company) chocolate, with chilli peppers!  Where I live in the Southwest, nothing is immune from a dash of chile–chocolate ice cream with green chile jam, chile wine. and tasty warm and sweet brittles with either green or red pepper added in, in addition to the more traditional hot sauce or side dish.   (Some of these novelties were requested as “suitcase food” by my friends in Tbilisi when I came back from vacation).  People in the Southwest do get very excited by chile peppers–just take a look at this Facebook page!  But the sweet and savory combination isn’t frequently found in Georgian food.  Some of my Southwest sweet and spicy treats have been greeted with suspicion and/or disgust, while sweet and salty granola bar was deemed gross by the one Georgian who tried it (clearly a representative sample…)  When Chloe was visiting, she noted that these types of flavor combinations are rather unusual in other parts of the world–sweets are kept sweet and savories are left savory.  So, Georgian-made chilli chocolate was really the last thing I expected to find in my local მარკეტი (market).  Needless to say, I snapped it up immediately.  It’s not particularly hot–in the first square I didn’t even taste the chilli powder, but eventually the sweetness gave way to a nice warmth.  I hope there’s enough of a market for Barambo to keep producing these chocolate bars, because I really enjoyed my snack.  Definitely worth snapping up at the local store for a taste of the Southwest in Georgia!

I am aware that I’ve used multiple spellings of “chilli/chile” throughout the post–Barambo uses “chilli” as the English spelling on the label, but I personally lean toward “chile”.  (Both are listed in most dictionaries, though “chile” is the preferred Spanish spelling, and better reflects my pronunciation.)  Just in case anyone cared…