Dear All,

I’m heading back to the US for my summer vacation in a few hours.  This may mean some changes around the blog–I may post less frequently, and the nature of the posts will be a little further removed from life in Georgia.  Never fear, I’ll be back in August.

I’ll be gazing upon some different mountains on my vacation…

Before I head out, here’s a brief summary of what I’m looking forward to in America, and what I’ll miss about Georgia while I’m gone.  These are all entirely my opinion, and are by no means a reflection of the superiority of one country over the other.

Things I’m looking forward to: Seeing my family and friends (in particular, attending a college friend’s wedding), Mexican food, sipping wine with a meal rather than drinking it on toasts,being able to run errands in my car,  having access to loads of English books through my local public library.

Things I’ll miss: fruit season in Georgia (the peaches!  the cherries!), the variety of tasty juices at the corner store, the low price of my “running errands lunch”: a lobiani, a Barambo ice cream, and a bottle of Borjomi, easy public transportation, the wonderful weather we’ve had of late, my friends and host family.

In another “end of the school year” vein, farewell to my good friends Jared, Marieka, and Heather who won’t be back in fall–it won’t be the same without you guys!