A new video version featuring the music and dance of Georgia’s Radja (or Raja or Racha or Ratcha….as you wish) region recently hit YouTube and television, and it has been quite popular (I’ve seen it shared many times on Facebook, by Georgian and ex-pat friends alike).  The radjuli dance is very “in” right now, at least amongst the people I know, and it’s often the song that seems to get people up and dancing at restaurants.  I speculate that radjuli‘s popularity is at least in part because the girls’ part is interesting–not just “floating” and looking pretty while the boys jump, spin, and swordfight.  Radjuli is my favorite of the Georgian songs and dances that I’ve been exposed to.  This new video incorporates a combination of tradition and modernity, and also features Nuki and Oto from Dancing with the Stars, who performed this dance on Georgia night.

Visually, I think the video does a great job–I love the combination of hip-hop and traditional dance, and the scenery is, of course, beautiful.  The addition of an electronica beat to the song, though, drives me a bit crazy.  That being said, I have had this particular version stuck in my head the past few days, so it seems to be working.  I’ve inserted the video here below for your viewing pleasure:

One thing I can’t really figure out about the video, though, is: Who is target audience?  It’s all in Georgian, so it can’t be meant as a tourism ad, but Georgians clearly all know the very basic information about Radja presented in the video…

To hear a non-electronica-fied version of radjuli, listen here: (don’t bother even looking at the video.  J.Lo and Shakira are not from Radja)

In any case, Radjuli is great fun, so…ტაში ბიჭო!  (t’ashi bidjo! Clap, dude!)

(and as a note, if you can’t watch the videos, and want to…try using a different web browser)