Here is your post letting you know that I’m safe and unaffected by Sunday’s flooding.  🙂

The worst has been on either side of me—to the West in Tbilisi and to the East in the far-Eastern regions of Kakheti.  Saturday and Sunday’s rain only disrupted my laundry plans (and perhaps partially contributed to my bruised right side from tripping and falling…).  Today (Monday), we had some strong rain and crazy hail.  (Keep in mind that I’m a Midwesterner, so I do have some experience of rain and hail).  The hail was nearly golf-ball-sized, and my host brother had to go and venture into the storm to dig out the drains.  The rain has stopped now, though, and things are back to normal.  If I manage to get the photos from his camera, I might be able to share some crazy weather photos in the future.

Hope everyone else is safe and dry!