My host brother helping make cookies.

I finally got to bake cookies!  As you might gather from the name of this blog, I’m a fan of cookies.  For American Mother’s Day on Sunday (Miss you, Mommy!), I told my host mother I would like to make her some “American cakes”.  I gave her my list of ingredients (there was some confusion over why I wanted oatmeal but not yogurt), and rummaged around under my bed to retrieve my brown sugar, vanilla extract, and American baking soda, and was ready to go.  The rest of the family were out of the house when I was scheduled to bake, so I made my host brother help me.  Turning on the oven was the biggest challenge; I don’t think I could ever manage to repeat the process.

Em baking cookies

Basically, my host brother and I both poked at it until it did something.  Once we were sure we would be able to bake the cookies, I set my host brother to chopping up the chocolate bars since I didn’t bother carrying chocolate chips with me  (that’s a good manly task, right?) while I mixed the dough.  Our cookies turned out excellent, and my host family has a good impression so far of American food.  (In addition to cookies, they’ve also been introduced to the joys of chili, Doritos and salsa, and French toast).  Here’s my trusty recipe (OK, Hillary Clinton’s recipe) that has yet to fail me.

The final product.