Dear Tbilisi Metro,Map of the Tbilisi Metro

I love you—really I do.  You are so fast and efficient, it’s a wonderful contrast to some other aspects of life in Georgia.  You aren’t so complicated, really—you only have two lines, and yet you manage to get me where I want to go–and quickly!  Sometimes you metros just get so sophisticated I don’t know what to do with myself (I’m looking at you, London and Moscow!)  You’re simple, but you aren’t stupid.

I know there are plenty of people who complain that you don’t go into Vake, but I’m not really a Vake Girl, so that’s OK with me.  The mainline and the Saburtalo line are all I need.  It works out.  I hang out in Saburtalo, Old Town, and the Samgori marshrutka station.  You get me there for low cost and little fuss.   You also don’t just take my money, you run.  You’re infinitely reasonable, and I appreciate that.  Less than a lari!  And your new MetroMoney system just makes life so much less complicated, though I do sometimes pine for the cute little tokens we used to use.

You aren’t so flashy like your brother in Moscow, but you aren’t bad-looking either. Some of your stations have some panache–and even those that don’t are lovely marble.  You’re also pretty smooth, unlike your cousin in Boston—boy, did he jerk me around and make me sick!

You have your flaws of course–we all do, but I do love you my dear Tbilisi metro!


P.S. I’ve noticed that many people have stumbled upon this post looking for instructions on how to ride the metro.  I’ve written those up here–just for you!