I was recently catching up on my favorite American TV show, Parks and Recreation, and watched the episode “Campaign Ad”, where Leslie and Ben disagree over whether or not to run a negative ad, and ultimately wind up with the cutest ad ever.  (If you’re in the US, you can watch the full episode on nbc.com or Hulu…I didn’t see a clip of just the ad anywhere, but it must be somewhere in the depths of the internet, and you really should watch this show.  Amy Poehler is a genius, and I want to be just like Leslie when I “grow up”)  .

This episode reminded me of what I think is one of the best campaign ads ever made: President Saakashvili’s re-election ad “მიშა მაგარია” (Misha Magaria–Misha is Strong/Cool).  The ad is simple, the song is catchy (apparently it’s an old popular song from a classic movie) and it shows both Georgia’s traditions and the progress they have made.  It really encapsulates Saakashvili’s ideal vision of Georgia, and you can’t get the song out of your head.  Watch below, but you’ve been warned: it’s catchy!