I posted about my initial thoughts on packing before so I thought that now I’ve been here a few weeks I should do some follow-up commentary.  Packing for six months is hard because it’s not really moving, so just bringing everything doesn’t make sense, but I also have to contend with multiple seasons, so packing light is difficult. I used my friend Elise’s Peace Corps packing list as a guide, and I googled some other recommendations of things to bring as well. I packed in a large rolling duffel bag and a regular duffel bag, with a backpack and a very large purse as carry-ons.  When I arrived I thought, “I can’t believe I brought this much stuff,” but not having to contend with doing laundry in a snowstorm has been nice.  For the flight I wore cowboy boots, leggings, a t-shirt dress, a cardigan, a pashmina scarf and my heavy winter coat.

Packing list:

Black skirt and black blazer to wear either as separates or to make a suit

1 long sleeve button blouse

1 short sleeve button blouse

2 pairs black trousers

1 pair black and white wool trousers (very glad I brought these, I wear them all the time…and have now burned a hole in them from the electric heater at school)

1 “fancy” dress

5 skirts that can be dressy or casual depending on top and shoes

2 dresses with sleeves

2 sleeveless dresses

1 sweater dress

2 pairs leggings

1 pair Capri leggings

3 cardigans

8 camisoles

2 sets winter PJs

2 sets summer PJs

One pair jeans

Work-out capris

Yoga pants

2 pairs black tights, 2 pairs colored tights, 1 pair pantyhose

7 long sleeve t-shirts

2 long sleeve t-shirt blouses

5 short sleeve t-shirts

2 plain-colored t-shirts for working out

3 short sleeve t-shirt blouses

Lots of socks and underwear

3 scarves

All the long underwear I own (2 pairs pants, 2 long sleeve shirts,  1 camisole—would have been nice to have more)

Black flats

Sporty Mary-Janes

Trail running shoes


Slippers (in my carry-on for plane comfort)

2 pairs of gloves

An umbrella

A fleece jacket (have been wearing it constantly)

A swimsuit and a pair of goggles

Quick-dry towel

My stuffed animal (a far better shape than any travel pillow I’ve found)

Boot conditioner

My regular, non-jumbo purse

A selection of DVDs

As many books as I could pack, including one travel book, my Georgian language textbook, and Russian-English and Georgian-English dictionaries

My Kindle

Adapters and chargers

A filtered water bottle

Miscellaneous gifts

I didn’t bring too much by the way of toiletries since the basics are available here.  I did, however, bring 3 and a half bottles of contact solution (not easily available here), dry shampoo (I have good shower access, but it’s still awfully cold), and multi-vitamins and other dietary supplements (calcium in particular is less prevalent in my diet here than in the States).  I brought lots of baby wipes on the suggestion of someone already here, and I’ve found that to be overkill—they’re very easy to find and cheap to purchase.  I did bring the OTC medications that I’m used to–they’re easily available here, but as my doctor advised, when you’re sick you just want what you’re used to and you don’t want to have to go and work for it.

Things I’ve bought in Georgia:
markers and glue
Craft paper
A surge protector
Skinny jeans (that’s definitely the style here, not boot-cut)
swim cap (mandatory for some pools)