I have now officially had some in-Georgia supra experience!  For Ninoba, we had a full supra, with a day-before preparatory supra.  We’ve also had a birthday supra for my host mother’s birthday.  As supras go, I think my family is fairly mild.  The Ninoba supra seemed to me more or less like a big family Sunday feast or a Thanksgiving dinner.  Supras are notorious for many, many toasts and free-flowing wine, but in my experience at the formal supra, it was far easier to avoid over-eating than it is at a regular meal because there were many more people and it was possible to slip under the radar, the same goes for drinking.  At the pre-supra supra there were separate men’s and women’s tables.  This made not drinking much easier, but it made avoiding over-eating much harder, because all the Georgian women were in one place urging me to “Chame! Chame!”.

Though I had initially feared my first supra experience, all of my supras have been very enjoyable!