Another PSA that might be of interest: Kiva and Ladies’ Home Journal are offering 3000 free trials of the microlending program through January 31, 2012.  All these loans are for female entrepreneurs, and there are some in Armenia and Azerbaijan (UPDATE: as of 1/4 there are now many Georgian borrowers) as well as other Eastern European and Former Soviet countries. You can check out the program here.  Because this is a free trial, the repayment on the loan will go back to Kiva, not to you, so this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme.  I’d heard conflicting opinions on Kiva’s usefulness, and thought this was a good opportunity to really see how it works for myself.  I lent money to Rima from Armenia and her grocery store (see photo).  I also saw this as an opportunity to do a Kiva loan without focusing on the financial details–repayment period and likelihood, as I would feel obligated to do with my own money, and just to find a borrower and project that I liked.  I suggest you take a look!