As my departure time approaches, I’m starting to more seriously think about exactly what I’ll be bringing with me. I’ll only be gone for six months (for now), but that still requires some advance planning. The fact that I don’t know exactly where I’ll be in the country yet complicates things–I could be on the coast where it’s warm enough to grow citrus or I could be in the Northern mountains, where I’ve heard the snow doesn’t fully melt until June.  I’m trying to keep things flexible, but also not heavy and bulky.

I’m planning on keeping everything to one color scheme to ease layering and mix-and-matching. Also very much planning on bringing things that are layering-friendly. The one color theme should also minimize the number of pairs of shoes I need to have something that matches everything.
Lots of scarves–I like wearing scarves/pashminas as a way of changing the look of an outfit when in reality I’m wearing a solid-colored t-shirt and jeans everyday. They’re also particularly handy to have around in Eastern Europe because women are expected to cover their heads when visiting churches. (I also just bought an awesome silver scarf from the store where I work)
I’m biting the bullet and wearing my super-warm somewhat-ugly knee length down coat. Better safe than sorry

My Kindle for my reading
iPod and laptop, to keep myself entertained and connected.
My camera and camera stuff–I’m still learning how to really use it, but traveling is the perfect opportunity.
American measuring cups and spoons
baking soda, vanilla extract, and brown sugar—these were hard to find last time I was in Tbilisi, and making cookies is important to me.
Some chiles–I’ve only been in the Southwest a little while, but I’ve gotten used to having these around.

Toiletries and First Aid:
Still working out details here–definitely bringing dry shampoo, antibiotics and baby wipes!

A lovely photo book of the Southwest (which includes some pictures of my town) for my host family.
Donated books (more info on these here and here).
Bookmarks with pictures of a nearby national park.
Southwest playing cards.
(Still looking for more doodads)

Any suggestions or words of wisdom to keep in mind as I start to work on this more seriously?