I know it seems insanely early to start thinking about voting in the 2012 US Presidential Elections, but if you live abroad, it’s time to get it on your radar now.  It can take longer to get ballots overseas, and the primaries will start soon.  Although the Republican presidential primary will be more exciting, Democrats should vote in their primaries, too–there will still be local issues, and may be primaries for Congressional races, governorships, or even city council.  Even if those races don’t excite you, voting in the primaries will be a good way to test-drive how you’ll get your voting done for the big one next fall.  Check out these resources to help you handle the mess of voting from abroad:

Vote from Abroad

Democrats Abroad

Republicans Abroad

I don’t know if any of the third-parties have overseas divisions, but if they do, please share the information here!

(And if your party and region offer a caucus, do try to attend–I went to the London Caucus in 2008 and it was SO much fun).