I must say that Georgian cuisine is some of the most delicious out there.  Georgian restaurants are quite common in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union (I was first introduced to Georgian food while I studied in Moscow), but outside of the region they’re rather hard to come by.  My friends had a great experience at a Georgian restaurant in London (I believe there’s even more than one).  In the US, I’ve heard glowing reviews of a Georgian restaurant outside Pittsburgh, though I don’t know its name and have never been.  That’s the only Georgian restaurant I’ve heard of in the US, but I hope I’m wrong (please share any further information!).  I’ve had some success finding Georgian treats and fueling my love of Borjomi at Russian grocery stores–most major cities in the US have one.  That’s also where I’ve gotten my Georgian condiments to make preparing Georgian food on my own much easier.

To cook your own Georgian food, here’s where to go for recipes:

The Georgian Feast by Darra Goldstein–the only all-Georgian cookbook I’m aware of, complete with history, and culture.  Great recipes, and also an interesting read.

Please to the Table by Anya von Bremzen and John Welchman–sadly out of print, and starting to get expensive.  This is a cookbook with food from all over the Soviet Union, and I have yet to find a bad recipe in the book.

Feast by Nigella Lawson contains a Georgian Feast, which even contains a Georgian cookie recipe! (Which I haven’t tried yet. Sorry)

Here are a few online recipes I’ve had success with:

Irma’s Eggplant Puree


I haven’t tried this recipe for Georgian Tuna in Walnut Sauce yet, but IMHO adding tsatsivi to anything sounds like a pretty good idea, though I must say I never saw any fresh tuna in Georgia…

Successes and Failures:  My record with khachapuri is mixed–I’ve used the recipe in The Georgian Feast, once with great success and the second time resulting in a very big mess encompassing my kitchen.  I’m planning on trying some other recipes and seeing if they work better for me–I’ll keep you posted.  Personally, I prefer the “Please to the Table” recipe for lobio (bean soup) to the one from The Georgian Feast, but I think that’s just a question of taste.  All the vegetable purees and sauces I’ve made, from many different sources, have been fairly simple and really delicious!