I have a confession to make: though I was in Georgia for nearly three months, I’ve never been to a supra (I’m not exactly sure how that happened.)  Fortunately, my “imaginary friend”, Laura, has written a fabulous article for The Anthropology of East Europe Review about her experiences with supras during her time in Georgia, wherein she discusses the gendered elements of the Georgian feast, and points out some more nuances to the supra that have been ignored in much of the anthropological literature about them.  Since I haven’t supra-ed yet, I can neither confirm nor deny her impressions, but her stories seem to fit with those of my other friends from Georgia, and I feel much better prepared for my first supra having read her experiences.

Here’s the full citation for the article (in MLA):

Linderman, Laura. “The Gendered Feast: Experiencing a Georgian Supra.” Anthropology of East Europe Review [Online], 29.2 (2011): 22-50. Web. 5 Dec. 2011