Since I have some time before I leave for Georgia, I decided to use this time to gather books to bring with me.  From my previous travels, I know that Tbilisi has a fantastic English-language bookshop in Prospero’s Books, but I don’t know where in the country I’ll be living, and English-language books are expensive.  I asked for donations from a number of bookstores, and The Wooster Book Company came through for me.  Not only did they send me a box of books, but their taste was exquisite–there were books by some of my favorite YA authors, some classics I’ve been meaning to read, new discoveries I’ve never heard of but look fantastic, and books about the area where I grew up.

Wooster Book was the independent bookstore that I grew up with, and their store is, to me, exactly what a bookstore should be–light and airy with friendly staff and fantastic recommendations, an extensive selection of books and a willingness to track down what they don’t have in stock, coffee available, kitties roaming the store, and in the children’s section they have a stuffed dragon that kids can sit on and read (my parents would never buy me that dragon.  ::sniff::). They are also, I have just learned, the largest independent bookstore in the state (Check out this article about the store).

I urge any of you who can to stop by Wooster Book and make a purchase, or order one of the titles they publish.  They are a great store with great people!